XXL Vanadinite Specimen

$1,200.00 1,200.00


This sparkling Vanadinite Specimen from Morocco is 6lbs of pure beauty! A collector's Delight of perfection. Approx: 5.0"H x8.5W

Vanadinite encourages creativity, playfulness and curiosity. It can help you feel adventurous, willing to take risks and break free of the expectations or strictures of others.
It encourages you to express your ideas and desires more easily. It can remove stagnation and institute a free flow of both energy and ideas. 

Vanadinite fills the gap that is in everyone between the intellect and thought. To think something doesn't necessarily mean that is a good idea. Vanadinite helps in defining and pursuing goals. It has the ability to curb overspending tenancies. If placed in the prosperity corner of the house (the far left hand corner of a room, house or land) you will be able to keep what you have and invite more to you.

Vanadinite vibrates with the energy of the cosmos. The sparkling red, orange energy in this stone offers the opportunity to channel inspired works; from musical compositions to technological gadgets. This stone can help you remember why you are here on the planet at this time. With this stone in hand, meditate on remembering your sacred contract and life purpose. Then use it to help you take action and do it.

Vanadinite helps you put Spirit into action, It open your inner eyes to the myriad expressions of spiritual energy and can help you to see beauty in all things and all people. Use vanadinite to bring together body, mind and spirit, to rise above everyday life while still operating effectively. 

If your work involves intuitive or psychic readings, channeling or mediumship, vandanite can provide you with both stamina and grounding. It can help you if you use very high vibrational stones in meditation to enhance your access to the spiritual world.

Vanadinite is a mineral belonging to the apatite group of phosphates, with the chemical formula Pb₃Cl. It is one of the main industrial ores of the metal vanadium and a minor source of lead. A dense, brittle mineral, it is usually found in the form of red hexagonal crystals. It is an uncommon mineral, formed by the oxidation of lead ore deposits such as galena. First discovered in 1801 in Mexico, vanadinite deposits have since been unearthed in South America, Europe, Africa, and North America.