XL Blue Aragonite Palmstone

$55.00 55.00


This is an XL super lovely Blue Aragonite Palmstone with Natural Druzy Crevices. Approx: 3.67Hx2.60W. Blue aragonite is known as an essential talisman for tackling spiritual issues. It is a fact that all of us have issues, these days. Fear, worry, anxiety, and worry can literally make us miserable. However, certain stones such as blue aragonite can help us come out of it and make our lives more prolific. 

Blue Aragonite is tagged as the third eye, throat, and heart chakra stone with soothing, optimistic, and blissful vibrations. It aids you to empathize more easily and boosts the capacity to communicate, particularly spiritually. Thus, it is a huge benefit for spiritual healers. 

This stone’s energy can help you to speak accurately while communicating with the spirit guides. It allows you to feel relaxed and calm during this communication. This is beneficial for psychic readers and tarot readers. 

Another meaning of blue aragonite is hope. It is known as the stone of hope. It can help in being more compassionate while dealing with people under stress