XXL Rare Sumatran Amber Palmstone

$125.00 125.00

This is an XXL Rare Sumatran Palmstone from Indonesia, custom hand carved just for us! Rare Sumatran Amber is UV Reactive under a blacklight. This palm is approx: 3.95"Hx3.5"Wx1.5"D. Amber is an organic gemstone derived from fossilized tree resin. Amber is approximately 20-100 millions years old. 

Amber is a protective stone and one that brings us wisdom, patience and a sense of balance. It has a calming and cheering influence and helps us to feel less stressed and more carefree. It encourages clarity of thought, creativity and decision making, helping us to bring our desires to fruition. Amber is also thought of as a stone of good luck and happiness.

Amber provides us with a link between our everyday selves and the realms of spirituality. It provides us with psychic shielding and, in addition, promotes within us the desire to do good for our fellow human beings, simply for the pleasure of doing so.